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Softball Tough Guy F-Bombs & Kicks Dirt On An Ump

Picture 1




And this is yet another reason why you won’t see a guy with a short fuse working as a softball umpire. Welcome to the world of softball in NW Pennsylvania where YouTuber Erie Highlight Reel finds some of his best material, including some jerkoff dropping f-bombs and kicking dirt on an ump.

Think about this for a minute: You’re playing in some stupid softball game with your buddies and a call goes against your team. Do you (A.) Laugh it off and realize it’s just a stupid softball game you won’t even remember a week later; (B.) Get mad for a second, forget about the call and think of all those pitchers you’re going to crush at BW’s; (C.) Get pissed off, f-bomb and kick dirt on an ump.

If you picked C., you’re probably a jerkoff.

Don’t be C. guy.

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