The 25 Sexiest Female Pro Softball Players

Professional male athletes will never understand the difficulties behind being a female professional athlete. The National Pro Fastpitch softball league is a perfect example of the differences in professional sports between men and women.

In college, softball is one of the most popular sports for women. So what happens when those women graduate? It’s not like they can play in the Olympics since it has been removed through 2016. The next best option is playing in the NPF league. It isn’t a big league, only six teams total, and the girls are paid but the average paycheck is between $5,000 and $6,000 for three and a half months of service. (Late May through Mid-August)

This forces promoters of the league to find innovative ways to expand its’ popularity and the easiest is by drafting the best players in the world who can also be confused for a swimsuit model. It’s a shame but the hotter the players, the more fans the NPF will get helping to keep it afloat.

In an effort to help the league, here are some of the sexiest players of softball you will see this summer.


Hottest Ladies Of College Basketball
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