mike tyson

Jun 21, 2018

Meet Brian Proud…He Can Beat Punchout Without Even Looking

This is an incredible skill, especially with all the throwback bars being opened up.

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May 2, 2015

Mike Tyson Elbows A Fan At The MayPac Weigh-In For Getting Too Touchy

Mike Tyson has become America’s sweetheart of sorts, and a universally well-liked guy. I don’t really know how it happened,...

Tom Brady, Mike Tyson & Kliff Kingsbury Crushed A Preakness Photo

The 139th running of the Preakness Stakes is set for Saturday afternoon at Pimlico Race Course just outside Baltimore. Post...

May 17, 2014

Mike Tyson Hits Darts Bullseye Twice, Doesn’t Ask Katie Nolan To Sleep With Him

All the big national sports sites are gagging on news that Mike Tyson threw a double bullseye on Fox Sports...

Sep 18, 2013

Mike Tyson To Make TV Acting Debut On Law & Order SVU

We’ve all seen Mike Tyson play himself in The Hangover¬†in what became a fan favorite role. Coming off of...

Jan 11, 2013

Nov 27, 2012

Buy Mike Tyson’s 14K Gold & Diamond Porsche Pendant For $4,800 [PHOTOS]

This is the type of item that is made for people like Mike Tyson. We were talking about this piece...

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Nov 14, 2012

Buy 6-Foot Tall Mike Tyson Statue For $5,000 Or Mike Tyson Painting For $18,500

What we have here is the solution to turn your boring basement into a conversation piece. Obviously the wife/girlfriend/mom won’t...

Jun 29, 2012

Mike Tyson Promotes Evander Holyfield’s BBQ Sauce In True Mike Tyson Fashion

We all know the story. Mike Tyson bit off a chunk of Evander Holyfield's ear in a controversial 1997 match. The two beefed for a little while, then everything was smooth sailing. The two guys no longer hate each other and have apparently grown enough to poke fun at the incident. Earlier today, Iron Mike tweeted out one of his Tyson-isms to his 2.2 million followers in support of Holyfield and his new brand of BBQ sauce. JUMP!

Jun 17, 2012

Mike Tyson Is Sponsoring A Drink Called “Black Energy” In Poland

Mike Tyson must be hard up for some cash to do this but apparently he is promoting a drink called "Black Energy". This product is being marketed in Poland and is part of the "Mike Tyson Collection". You can't make this stuff up. I don't speak Polish but if you put "Tak Dziala Black" into Google Translate, it says it means "Working So Black". Mike Tyson's energy drink Black Energy: Working So Black! JUMP!

Apr 19, 2012

28 Greatest Moments In Mike Tyson Face

Mike Tyson's Las Vegas one-man show is now over and there are talks of bringing it to Broadway. Seriously. Who would have ever thought that people would spend $99 to hear about Tyson's story when it was filled with rape, beating his wife, drug abuse, hate, anger, etc.? Of course our asses would be first in line. Are you kidding? Give us front row. Just slamming drinks and listening to Tyson. Much better than blowing the $99 in some stupid club where you won't even get a reach around. JUMP!