Adi Justis Makes BC Debut, Mike Tyson Looks Ready To Fight & An Incredible Russell Wilson Stat

Guys, when I say it’s time for the weather to break, it’s time for the weather to break. It’s May 12 & it’s cold AF outside. There’s nothing to watch on TV and cold AF. It’s terrible. But I don’t have corona that I know of so not everything is bad here. ESPN will show a D-backs-Yankees 2001 game if you want to go back in time tonight. Not sure what happens in this one, but it’s the Yankees so expect plenty of stroking off.

Adi Justis gets the day rolling around here

Coronavirus death risk calculator…enter your numbers, get your risk of death

Mike Tyson releases new training video…I wouldn’t get in the ring with the guy

Absolutely fascinating Russell Wilson stat…bet this drives him like MJ vs. BJ Armstrong

Oklahoma weather guy: ‘That mouth is open for business’

Guy gets on TV in San Antonio with this shirt

Florida Man pulls a gun at Publix deli counter

Retired hockey goalie Mikayla keeps pumping out content

Lexi Thompson Workout of the Day

Sandwich of the Day

Autumn Falls Stops By, Donald Trump Signed Baseballs Gaining Value & MJ Got Emotional
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