Logan Paul vs Mike Tyson Reportedly Set For February 2022

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Logan Paul vs. Mike Tyson? This couldn’t possibly be serious, right? Well, guess again.

According to a report from Keemstar of Drama Alert, the older Paul brother is set to return to the ring for another exhibition match against one of the most-feared heavyweight boxers of all time.

Paul put on the gloves for an exhibition match against Floyd Mayweather back in June, and now he appears ready to up the ante. Iron Mike, meanwhile, faced Roy Jones Jr. in an exhibition of his own in 2020. Both fights ended in draws.

Back in October, Tyson expressed interest in fighting one of the Paul brothers.

“That’s the money fight,” he said on his Hotboxin’ podcast with guest Freddie Gibbs. “Those are the fights that make the money, those guys have got 35 million people watching them.”

So will the fight actually happen? What would the rules be? Only time will tell. but you know people will be watching because the Paul brothers have the ability to captivate an audience whether you love or hate them.

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