Mike Tyson Says He Punched Man Multiple Times After Harassment On Plane (VIDEO)

UPDATE: According to a Mike Tyson representative, the former boxing champion was relentlessly harassed leading up to the incident caught on camera.

The man behind Tyson reportedly continued to harass him after being asked to stop, and even threw a water bottle at him.

You would think that everyone knows it is probably a bad idea to mess with Mike Tyson, but one plane passenger apparently didn’t get the memo.

In a video obtained by TMZ Sports, the former heavyweight champion can be seen getting pestered by a potentially drunk goofball in the row behind him.

Per the report, the man got a selfie with Tyson but then would not stop trying to talk to him despite being asked to chill. The man continues to stand up over the Tyson and chirp from behind while a friend films him.

Common sense would tell you this doesn’t end well for the man bothering Tyson, and you would be correct. Even pothead, mushroom-loving Tyson had enough.

The man who appears to be Tyson can later be seen standing up, turning around, and hitting the man with multiple punches before he allegedly walked off the plane. The man, of course, is bloodied up.

Now, I’m not one to condone violence, but you should never antagonize anyone while you’re on a plane. Sit down, and mind your business — especially if the person you choose to continue poking at is Mike Tyson.

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