John Elway

May 28, 2015

Buy This John Elway Themed GMC Truck — $12,500

Do you like John Elway? Check that, do you love John Elway? If the answer is yes, then the purchase of the very pro-Elway 1984 GMC Sierra above should be a swift process. You know, if that love is real...

Feb 16, 2015

John Elway Wearing Wrinkled Cargos at Disneyland

  OK, so if you have two Super Bowl rings and are 54, it’s perfectly fine to wear wrinkled cargos at Disneyland. John Elway gets a pass here. Normally a legend would get crushed for this look, but John comes...

Feb 21, 2014

John Elway Ogled Boobs At Twin Peaks Last Night

While Rex and Rob Ryan were enjoying a stop at an Indianapolis Hooters on Thursday, John Elway was in Colorado ogling boobs at Twin Peaks. Never heard of Twin Peaks? You must’ve missed Thomas The Intern’s glowing review of this...