Samantha Hoopes Says If She Could Date Any Athlete It Would Be John Elway

Well, this one comes out of left field. Samantha Hoopes is a 26 year old superstar Sports Illustrated model and when asked if she could date any athlete on the planet, she goes with the 56 year old GM of the Broncos. That’s not a knock of Elway who has been crushing it, has loads of money and is still handsome as ever, but it’s just an odd choice. She could’ve easily picked a younger guy who’s still playing and has the stamina to keep up with her, but she goes with the old bull over the young stallion.
The question comes from the Domenick Nati radio show, where she discussed a wide range of other topics from Donald Trump to Colin Kaepernick. But this is what’s going to make the headlines. John Elway can still pull swimsuit models in 2017 if he wanted. What a life.
Question starts at 1:05

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