John Elway Seemed To Be Relaxed On Vacation

Does John Elway — has the 5th pick in the Draft — look like a guy who was stressed out over the weekend while on vacation in the Bahamas? Have to say, I love the idea that John was possibly crushing a few brewskis in the Bahamas while the other teams in the hunt for their next franchise QB were sweating Josh Allen on Friday and now are trying to figure out if the Browns trade out of 1 to let the Giants go up and get Darnold. Will the Browns go to No. 2 and take Josh Allen, leaving Rosen to the Jets and then Barkley to the Browns at 4 and Mayfield to the Broncos.
Does John Elway look like a guy who cares if Baker Mayfield has a public intox and running from the cops (didn’t get far) charge from like two years ago? Not to me. This looks like a guy who appreciates a competitor, whether it’s in Caribbean Connect Four, or on a football field.
I’m telling you guys, John Elway is way too relaxed. It feels like he knows the other three teams are going to shit the bed and not take his guy — Baker.
Yeah, I know they just signed Keenum to $25M guaranteed. I’m telling you, watch out for Mayfield here.
Let’s go to the Denver Post for the pulse on what Elway’s thinking here:

The Broncos own a top-five pick for only the second time in Elway’s tenure as an executive (he selected Von Miller at No. 2 overall in 2011), and his options this time around are long and varied. He could take a quarterback. He could take another impact player. He could trade down. He could even trade up.
But for now, he’s not giving anything away.
“Wide open,” he said with a grin. “Once we get into the draft meetings and get our board set, then we’ll start looking at the situations and scenarios and go from there. But it’s kind of funny — everyone thinks they know where we’re going. I don’t know where we’re going yet. We’ll have to wait and see. We got a lot of good options, which is a good thing.”

Keenum is brought in (took big money to get him in on 2-year deal) to lead and let Mayfield sit for a year. Mayfield gets his feet wet when Keenum struggles in December and then gets the full-time job during 2019 offseason. Take it to the bank.

Scroll through this one to see John looking super relaxed:

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