John Elway Goes To Chesney, Caitlin Arnett Sucks Down A Cold One & Throwback Night In Seattle

Now this is the type of marketing I like to see in 2018…need more of this

From the LVRJ:

At the southern Las Vegas Valley’s newest gas station, a 13-foot sasquatch catches the eye, but it’s got some competition.

The even taller cacti in front of the entrance for one. Or perhaps the nearly 4,000 square feet of candy store space soon to be filled with colorful treats, the first local drive-thru White Castle or the more than 90 fuel pumps.

And that’s by design, Terrible Herbst Marketing Vice President Mark Walters said Friday during a tour of the 50,000-square-foot travel center in Jean, about 30 miles south of Las Vegas.

“We’re building a unique experience,” Walters said. “We want to be the first stop into Las Vegas and the first stop leaving Las Vegas.”

I remember being a kid in a rented RV that my parents stuffed my brother and I into back in the day. We drove for like three weeks across the west and hit up every tourist trap from Ohio to Utah, down to Vegas, to the Canyon and then Colorado back to Ohio. Give me a classic tourist trap over some stupid highway exit with a Starbucks and a new age McDonalds. I want Wall Drug signs for 100 miles and giant dinosaurs in front of dive amusement parks.

Make America Tourist Traps Great Again.

Numbers from :

Tonight's 11-0 shutout win was tied for the @RedSox largest shutout ever on the road against the Yankees (also won 11-0 on Sept. 6, 2003).

Yankees have been shut out 4 times in their previous 19 games (were shut out 3 times all of last season).

— ESPN Stats & Info (@ESPNStatsInfo) July 1, 2018

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@bustedcoverage Florida man gonna Florida man.
KGBPutin (@KgbPutin) July 01, 2018

Love the crowd at the cornhole championships on the worldwide leader. @bustedcoverage
Chris Burns (@chris_burns65) June 30, 2018

@bustedcoverage Jrue rocking the offfseason beard. Not terrible.
Zach Ward (@DialedIn24_7) June 30, 2018

@bustedcoverage Johnny Baseball checking in from Camden Yards
Z.H. Wolfe (@ZWnBawlmer) June 30, 2018

Ryan Freel, back from the dead, enjoying this music festival. @bustedcoverage
Greg Rogers (@grog1324) June 30, 2018

There is just a lot happening in Seattle tonight.

— Kate Feldman (@kateefeldman) July 1, 2018

Kyle Barker (@KyleBarker53) June 30, 2018

damn ronaldo is pissed

— nick (@nick_pants) June 30, 2018

@bustedcoverage buster posey enjoying an early indiana 4th of july party
johnny mann (@chicagoooooo92) June 30, 2018

put it on espn RN.

— Calhoun (@linkcalhoun) July 1, 2018

not great.

— Calhoun (@linkcalhoun) July 1, 2018

Pippen is at the Columbus Clippers game
MKorz (@Mkorz5353) June 30, 2018

hang this pavard goal in the louvre

— nick (@nick_pants) June 30, 2018

There is just a lot happening in Seattle tonight.

— Kate Feldman (@kateefeldman) July 1, 2018

when the bartender says they don’t carry Coors Banquet

— Danny (@recordsANDradio) July 1, 2018

Sometimes you write 'ad lib' in your script.

0% of those times are you supposed to actually say "ad lib".

Welp. 🤦😂@LocalTVSPXPrbs

— Mike Leslie (@MikeLeslieWFAA) July 1, 2018

@NellySimon_ESPN de acuerdo!
Juan D Moreno (@le_juan) July 01, 2018