jason dufner

May 11, 2015

Now Amanda Dufner Is Just Rubbing Jason’s Face In It

The dog and Amanda are rebounding just fine.

Mar 31, 2015

Jason and Amanda Dufner Call it Quits

If you were wondering where the hell Amanda Dufner’s Instagram page went (@aduff99), sadly it’s no more — because her...

Feb 24, 2015

Where Did Chubby Jason Dufner Go?

  I’m starting to worry about Jason Dufner. There’s losing weight and then there’s losing Jason Dufner weight where your...

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Dec 1, 2014

Dufners Do Iron Bowl, Beaver Hunting At Bills Game & Gretzkys On A Jet

  Patriots In Super Bowl Even after Sunday’s loss, the Patriots now have the highest probability of winning the Super...

Amanda Dufner Got Topless On Thailand Vacation With Duff Daddy

  Amanda Dufner topless in Thailand. Anyone shocked? Wasn’t I just telling you guys that Duff Daddy and Amanda were...

Nov 20, 2014

I Could Watch Jason Dufner Walk & Text At The Presidents Cup All Day Long

What we have here is Team USA getting off the bus this morning for the first round of the Presidents...

Oct 3, 2013

Jason Dufner Sleeping In Bed With PGA Championship Spittoon

  According to the PGA, Duffner’s wife, Amanda, put this photo of your 2013 PGA champion’s double chin on Instagram....

Aug 13, 2013

Aug 11, 2013

Jason Dufner Grabbed His Wife’s Ass After Winning The PGA Championship

Jason Dufner won the 2013 PGA Championship at Oak Hill Country Club in Rochester, N.Y. on Sunday. An Auburn grad...

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Mar 29, 2013

32 Best Dufnering Photos On The Internet

Who would have ever guessed that PGA golfer Jason Dufner would be the guy to start the next internet/Twitter trend?...