Dufners Do Iron Bowl, Beaver Hunting At Bills Game & Gretzkys On A Jet

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Patriots In Super Bowl

Even after Sunday’s loss, the Patriots now have the highest probability of winning the Super Bowl at 17%. The Cardinals dream season is fading fast. Probability says Arizona and the Packers are your NFC Super Bowl team. The Eagles are moving up fast, with a 20% probability of making the Super Bowl. The Bengals went from struggling to make the playoffs to an 82% chance of making it after three straight road wins, but they get the Steelers twice over the next four weeks.

What did you do over the holiday?

This bro shot a 719-pound alligator with a crossbow and wrestled it into submission. Oh, and he had to shoot it with a .357 Magnum.

Numbers from @ESPNStatsInfo:

Andrew Luck became third QB to throw for 4,000 yards in two of his first three seasons. The others? Guys named Marino, (Peyton) Manning


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