Lara Pippen Got Some Saturday Sun, Geno Smith Is A Flat Earther & Duff Daddy Dominating The Hat Game

ESPN had a rough night

If you were watching the Arizona State-Oregon State game you know what I mean. You had the play-by-play guy throw out this Sean Miller report from left field that literally no other reporter on earth had causing mass confusion on Twitter::
“We have breaking news from Arizona. Sean Miller has been relieved of his duties from the University of Arizona.”
Now things are unclear, some think he’s fired, Rovell is breaking out Miller’s contract, event though nobody else reported it. Then ESPN comes back for the 2nd half with this:
“We had an inadvertent report that we apologize for, saying that Sean Miller had been fired. That was an inadvertent report from the press row here at Oregon State earlier tonight. So, we regret that information passed along. But today, here are the facts. It’s the one time in my life I’m thankful I’m not an air traffic controller to put things in perspective.”
Turns out someone at press row just said and they ran with it. Classic.

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