Amanda Dufner Got Topless On Thailand Vacation With Duff Daddy

Amanda Dufner topless in Thailand. Anyone shocked? Wasn’t I just telling you guys that Duff Daddy and Amanda were about to get crazy on the Dufner Thailand vacation? It happens whenever these two hit foreign soil. Remember the 4th of July Caribbean vacation when Jason got loaded and A Duff went golfing in a bikini? Of course you do, it was only one of the best athlete/WAG vacations of 2014.
Now they’re in Thailand where they were doing the elephant riding thing, Jason slept on a beach and Amanda went topless in the pool. Just keepin’ that marriage fresh.
You have to give Amanda credit here. She could just go on vacation and ignore Instagram, but she knows the fans out there enjoy these Duff Daddy moments. Some of us out here are 37 (like Duff Daddy) and want to remember what it’s like to live like we’re 25 and loaded with cash, just tearing up Thailand and taking photos of our wives for IG.
And you know they’re drinking like crazy, just throwing empty champagne bottles into the jungle. Screaming about Alabama vs. Auburn. Listening to Snoop Pandora. Monkeys chilling on Duff Daddy’s shoulders. Monkeys running around with Amanda’s bikini top.
I want this life.
[Amanda Dufner – Instagram]

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