Now Amanda Dufner Is Just Rubbing Jason's Face In It

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I hope Jason Dufner isn’t following the Instagram for the French Bulldog, Louie Dufner, that he lost to his wife, Amanda, in their recent divorce. Besides losing $2.5 million in the divorce, now Jason has to watch his ex-wife and his buddy Louie living it up in the sun without a worry in the world.
Meanwhile, Jason is out on PGA Tour just trying to pay the bills and keep the electric on in the two houses he got in the settlement.

You don’t have a pulse if you don’t feel bad for Duf Daddy. He’s struggling on the course, with his best finish coming in February at the Honda Classic (T-17) and now his ex-wife is starting to release bikini videos and photos.
Once again, I’m warning all the athletes out there that the hotter they are on IG, the better the chance she’s taking your ass to the cleaners. Chose that IG model carefully.

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