Chip Kelly

Jan 2, 2017

Chip Kelly-Trent Baalke Fired Memes

Chip keeps getting those checks.

Jan 6, 2016

Chip Kelly Emptying His House, LeBron Hits Aspen & Janelle From FAU

Happy day for Eagles players. Chip is leaving town.

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Oct 9, 2015

Rumor: Chip Kelly To Coach USC

Looks like more Chip Kelly rumors.

Sep 21, 2015

48 NSFW Black Dudes Analyze Week 2 Of The NFL

Sam Bradford & Chip Kelly are officially on notice in Philly.

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Jul 24, 2015

Chip Kelly Was Married for 7 Years, Ex-Wife Now Specializes in Sending Sick People Care Packages

Another satisfied bike purchaser! Here's our good friend Jennifer with @mommalurx and he… — Bike and Roll (@BikeandRollDC)...

Chip Kelly’s Girlfriend Is Reportedly Jill Cohen

Sly dog Chip Kelly has been keeping this under wraps.

Mar 25, 2015

Amare ‘Jackson’, Jimmy Graham’s Twitter & Chip Kelly Spring Cleaning

Revis Island Returns, crazy taxi cab, and “Often Licked, Never Beaten.” Do you see random sh$% while driving to work...

Mar 11, 2015

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Aug 20, 2014

Chip Kelly Going For A Spontaneous Swim

Chip Kelly, diving into a pool of ice water. — Dan McQuade (@dhm) August 20, 2014 Chip being Chip....

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Dec 8, 2013

Reporter Asks Chip Kelly About ‘Shitty’ Play Calls [VIDEO]

  Slip of the tongue? Did Chipper run shitty plays in the first half? I had the pleasure of Christmas...

Sep 10, 2013

35 NSFW Black Guys Amazed By Chip Kelly’s Madden-like Offense

Fast Forward Football. For a few hours on Monday night, Twitter was littered with posts that used the words “Eagles”...

Feb 1, 2013

Wing Bowl 21 Featured Gluttony, Drunkenness, Boobs & Chip Kelly [PHOTOS]

Wing Bowl, the annual day of chicken wing-eating gluttony in Philadelphia, happened this morning at the Wells Fargo Center. James...

Jan 19, 2013

Woman Welcomes Chip Kelly To Philly Via Crotch Grab [VIDEO]

New Philadelphia Eagles’ head coach Chip Kelly has a nickname: “Big Balls Kelly.” A woman in Philadelphia may know if...