Chip Kelly Was Married for 7 Years, Ex-Wife Now Specializes in Sending Sick People Care Packages

Kent Babb of The Washington Post exposed a chink in Chip Kelly’s fiercely private armor Friday, revealing that the coach had been married for seven years (!) in the 1990s. How no one ever discovered this is beyond us, but Babb’s piece introduced us to a woman named Jennifer Jenkins, whom Kelly supposedly met in 1989 while at the University of New Hampshire.
Jenkins on the secret:

“Why does everything say that you weren’t married?” Jenkins said a friend recently asked her. “I just roll my eyes.”

And details on their divorce:

As for the marriage, the years had simply come and gone in New Hampshire, Kelly an assistant on his mentor Bill Bowes’s staff and Jenkins working at the university. They lived in Durham for a while, and then Kelly took a coaching job at Johns Hopkins, moving to Baltimore for one year while Jenkins remained in New Hampshire.
Kelly rejoined Bowes’s staff yet again in 1994, and four years later he and Jenkins had begun to drift apart. They were no longer living together, and in 1999 they divorced.

Though the two are divorced, the piece states that the two are still friends, and that she’s actually an Eagles fan. But what’s even more interesting is Jenkins’ line of work now — a business called MommaLu Remedies, which sends care packages to people suffering from the common cold, upset stomachs or hangovers.

How Jennifer got this idea? Simple, she was vomiting, couldn’t shop for herself and boom, a business was born.

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