Chip Kelly’s Girlfriend, Romo Creeper & Dan Uggla’s Wife Ready For Beach

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BC mobile site news/update

I talked to the NYC office (Coed Media Group owns BC; I sold it to them in 2011) about the mobile ad complaints you guys have been sending me for over two years. I’m told that you shouldn’t be getting redirected to that garbage app store bullshit. That change went into effect a week ago and the complaints have stopped so I guess that fixes things. Let me know if you get another redirect so I can ram my head into a wall.

Spring NFL

At what point will we see some sort of spring NFL action. I’m thinking a six-week retiree flag football league or something like that. I’d watch. Get T.O. and Ocho out there. Maybe you get Tebow to QB. Urlacher plays LB/S. Six teams, two top teams play for a flag football title. Throw this on the NFL Network and it’s getting better ratings than World Series games.

Numbers from @SportsTaxMan:

Per diems $100.50 2015 season, $127 – 2015, $113 – 2015 season, $103 – 2015