Chip Kelly Emptying His House, LeBron Hits Aspen & Janelle From FAU


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It’ll be your usual night of basketball action in January. You’ll get Knicks-Heat on ESPN, which means they’ll hype it up like Game 7 of the Eastern Conference Finals. FS1 has a doubleheader for those of you who like to mix it up with stations. Those of you looking to get away from sports can turn it on a cable news channel to hear three “guests” argue over nonsense.

Even more Jimbo & Candi Fisher divorce drama

Clemson cheerleaders on IG

Vols WR hits girlfriend lottery

Moving truck…boxes…Chip Kelly’s house…photos

LeBron takes mom & her boyfriend to Aspen

“Pharma Bro” takes out Tinder date, she reports on it in Washington Post

Florida Mugshot: This chick beat her grandfather w/phone over cat ban

Meet Janelle from FAU

Best Girls Basketball Made Shot I’ve Seen All Year

Sandwich of the Day

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