Things Got Pretty Awkward When Dana Jacobson Asked Leonard Hamilton Why FSU Didn’t Foul In Loss To Michigan

Florida State head coach Leonard Hamilton on the decision not to foul with 11 seconds remaining.#MarchMadness

— March Madness TV (@MarchMadnessTV) March 25, 2018

If you watched the Michigan-Florida State Elite Eight game last night, you knew this question had to be asked post-game. FSU was down 4 with 11 seconds in the game, a clear fouling situation in college basketball, because as we’ve seen every single tournament, college players stink at free throws. If that clock isn’t at zero, there’s always a possibility for a miracle. You’ve seen how these kids operate under pressure.

So it was weird seeing Leonard Hamilton react like Dana Jacobson just asked him to solve a quantum physics equation. Suuuuuper awkward and just flat-out bizarre. How do you not know this question is coming? He has an obligation to every gambler out there who had Michigan -4.5. Now you have people saying the fix was in.

I normally wouldn’t believe it, but after that interview who the hell knows.

Florida State doesn't foul wtih more than 10 seconds left down just 4… Michigan -4.5 backers… let your freak out commence.

— Covers (@Covers) March 25, 2018

Here’s the ending in question:

Here’s the ending on the FSU/Michigan game (final seconds)

Leonard Hamilton is a trending topic lol

We all know why he didn’t foul!
He was unprepared to get called out on it though lmao

— Hunter Sharp (@SharpiePicks) March 25, 2018

The conspiracy theorists are out in full force connecting dots

Line open as Michigan fav. by 4 it was pushed to 4.5 by game start by every book. Florida state lost by 4. Leonard Hamilton acts weird all the time but not fouling w/10-11 seconds left down 4 and leaving the bench with 7.3. And postgame just looks wacky. HE PUT $ on his team! $

— Andrew McGee (@GatlinburgBears) March 25, 2018

FSU will foul down 6 with 8 seconds to go against BC in the regular season though

— Stuckey (@Stuckey2) March 25, 2018