Michigan’s Charles Matthews May Be The Last Person On The Planet Who Doesn’t Know About Sister Jean

"I don't know who Sister Jean is. No disrespect" – Michigan's Charles Matthews. pic.twitter.com/171qlpzgaa

— Joel D. Anderson (@byjoelanderson) March 25, 2018

I saw this Tweet come across my feed last night while I was at the bar and I immediately dismissed it as a player trying to eliminate any distractions and not feed into any media shenanigans. Of course Charles Matthews knows about Sister Jean. She’s all over the internet, she’s been on every morning show you can think of, she’s America’s sweetheart right now. We haven’t been able to go 5 minutes these last two weeks without seeing some Sister Jean.

But then you go to the video and I’m not so sure. Charles Matthews might actually be the last person on planet earth to know about the 98-year-old chaplain. This sure looks like a genuine reaction from Charles. He has no clue who Jean is and is looking for any lifeline from his teammates to help him out.

Awesome. pic.twitter.com/sszKtZSWUO

— Due# (@JDue51) March 25, 2018

Official transcript of the Michigan players not really knowing who Sister Jean is. Muhammad-Ali Abdur-Rahkman tried to explain her to Charles Matthews really quickly like a kid called on in class, but Beilein outed him. pic.twitter.com/61KIF4BtCE

— Zach Shaw (@_ZachShaw) March 25, 2018

I guess this is the kind of laser focus you want out of your players. Blinders on with a National Championship as the only goal. None of this Cinderella nonsense. That’s how Matthews wound up as the west region’s most outstanding player.

Michigan's Muhammad-Ali Abdur-Rahkmna, Moritz Wagner and Charles Matthews named to All-West Region team. Matthews named Most Outstanding Player. They're joined by Florida State's Terance Mann and Phil Cofer.

— James Hawkins (@jamesbhawkins) March 25, 2018