Shaq Dropped $70,000 At Walmart When He Was Traded From Miami To Phoenix

HBO is out with a Shaq interview and the part that’s going to go viral, end up on 200 sports blogs and talked about on Thursday will be the part where Shaq tells the story about how he dropped $70,000 at a Walmart after being traded from Miami to Phoenix in February 2008.
As Shaq tells it, Phoenix had an apartment lined up, but it wasn’t furnished and he didn’t want to wait for it to be furnished so he took matters into his own hands and went on a spree to the tune of the $70k. It was so a huge purchase at such a dive that the American Express security office was on high alert and called Shaq to see if his card had been stolen.
And so the purchase went through and Shaq filled up a couple of moving trucks with his haul. TVs, printers, computers, socks, pots, pans. Name it and he bought it.
Pretty sure I could watch a 30 for 30 just on this story:
• How many TVs did you buy?
• What was the most expensive item you bought?
• How many carts did you drag to the register?
• Did you try to buy sale items or just wing it?
• Any sports items on the buy list? Nerf door hoop?
• How long did this spree take to complete?
• Still have any of those items?
Before you think there aren’t expensive items at Walmart, keep in mind you could buy this at one point.
Most expensive Walmart item EVER!

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