Kyle Kuzma Shoots His Shot With With Model Chantel Jeffries

All of the talk coming into this Lakers season centered around Lonzo Ball, but it’s Kyle Kuzma who has enjoyed the most successful rookie campaign on the team.
Kuzma is averaging 16 points and six rebounds on the season, and while he’s nowhere near the discussion for Rookie of the Year, he does possess something very valuable: Lakers hype. That pretty much makes you an automatic B-lister around town if you’re halfway decent, which makes me believe model/actress Chantel Jeffries might reply back to this interesting pick-up line Kuzma dropped on one of her IGs:
What do Lakers fans need to know about Jeffries? She’s been linked to Justin Bieber and DeSean Jackson in the past, and she has over 3.8 million followers on IG. Metro calls her an “Instagram expert.”

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Best Player in the NBA Thinks He Should Be MVP
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