This Bulls Fan Got In a Nap During the Grizzlies-Hornets Game

These two Michael Jordan fans made a big commitment tonight by dedicating three hours of their lives to watch the lottery-bound Grizzlies and Hornets play each other. Was it worth it? Well, the Grizzlies are pretty much trying to lose every game they can, while the Hornets continue to be mired in mediocrity… not exactly an enticing matchup, to say the least.
To answer the question, it doesn’t look it like it was worth the price of admission for our guy in the Bulls Starter jacket. I mean, Kemba Walker dropped 35 points in the first half and here he is catching some z’s.

If Kemba going off — he finished with 46 points and an absurd +/- of 47 — didn’t do it for Bulls fan, we doubt the rest of the game had much to offer. As you can see from the score below, the Grizzlies did their thing and mailed it in hard.

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