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Jun 15, 2020

Taiwanese City Councilor Has Ass-tounding Talent

Breaking news out of Taiwan: a city counselor has broken literally 53 chopsticks using only his buttcrack. I’m sure you...

Jun 15, 2020

Brighton Player Shane Duffy Has Strangest Superstition

Soccer. Football. Whatever you call it, there are bound to be some folks around you that would call it a...

Jun 12, 2020

Torii Hunter, Kevin Youkilis Open Up About Racist Experiences At Fenway Park

The Boston Red Sox recently issued a statement in response to former player Torii Hunter’s revelation that he was the...

NASCAR Bans Confederate Flag, Driver Quits In Protest

With protests over the death of George Floyd at the hands of Minneapolis police sweeping the nation and overtaking cities,...

Jun 11, 2020

Commissioner: Baseball Will Be Played in 2020

Since there’s literally nothing fun or happy to do during this quarantine, sports fan have been eagerly awaiting the return...

Jun 11, 2020

Shaq Apologizes to David Robinson for False Rumor

If you follow the NBA pretty closely, you’ve got to be aware that there was a subtle but known feud...

Jun 10, 2020

Jun 10, 2020

LAWSUIT: Zion Williamson Received Cars, Cash, and a Mansion to Play at Duke

Looks like Zion Williamson got way more than just a free education to play for Duke. We all know that...