Commissioner: Baseball Will Be Played in 2020


Since there’s literally nothing fun or happy to do during this quarantine, sports fan have been eagerly awaiting the return of some ounce of enjoyment. Luckily for baseball fans, the wait shouldn’t be too much longer. The words have come straight from commissioner Rob Manfred’s mouth: “We Will Play Major League Baseball This Year”. 

Hardcore fans got a taste of spring training before everything was shut down, but since then there’s been a whole lot of nothing other than fruitless negotiations. Baseball owners, AKA scumbags, don’t want to pay the players what they’re owed, so proposals have gone back and forth between the league and the players union for the past few months to no avail. The back-and-forth proposals are generally hovering in the range of an 80 game season, but the MLB refuses to fork over 100% of players prorated salaries, which is simply a no-go. The latest proposal from the MLB made a few concessions, but it still doesn’t look like a deal is close.

If negotiations totally fall apart, Commissioner Manfred has full authority to push through a 48 game shortened season where players will make most of their money, but will get 0% of the shares from the playoffs as they usually do. If you ask us, any baseball is better than none at all, so if push comes to shove this definitely isn’t the worst thing to ever happen. That said, the players signed contracts for a reason, and they definitely deserve what they’re owed. Baseball teams make a stupid amount of money and they have more than enough to pay full salaries, any argument you hear otherwise is probably straight from a poor team owner’s mouth. Let’s just hope all of these dudes can stay safe on the field!

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