Brighton Player Shane Duffy Has Strangest Superstition

Soccer. Football. Whatever you call it, there are bound to be some folks around you that would call it a “sh*tty” sport. In the case of Brighton’s Shane Duffy, it’s a pretty literal thing. Plenty of players have superstitions that they believe will make them perform better or affect the outcome of a game, but Duffy’s is a bit weirder: he chooses a lucky toilet before each game. Once said toilet is deemed the chosen one, that’s the only stall he’ll use for the rest of the day. His teammates are aware and will try and help the guy out so long as it keeps on working, so they must not think it’s too crazy!


To make things weirder, the concept of home-bowl advantage really doesn’t mean anything to Shane. As far as we know, he only picks a lucky throne at away games. You’d think at home he would have a whole stall dedicated to him that they can paint gold or something like that, but nah. 


Duffy says that “It started a couple of years ago”, so when you’ve been keeping it up for this long, it’s probably pretty hard to stop. He was quoted by The Mirror saying “I like to pick a lucky toilet at away games. If there are three cubicles and somebody is in my one, I have to wait. Sometimes I’ll move people across and say, ‘Get out of there’ even though others are empty.” This raises a lot of questions, namely, what if things are busy right before a game? Will he just show up late? Would he just let it go in his pants at risk of messing up the juju around a game? Does this apply to other situations in his life? We’d love to sit down for an interview with the guy exclusively devoted to this topic. Regardless of all of this, if it works it works. That said you know that if Brighton goes on a losing streak, he’s gonna get a lot of crap from his teammates. 

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