Shaq Apologizes to David Robinson for False Rumor

If you follow the NBA pretty closely, you’ve got to be aware that there was a subtle but known feud between Shaq and David Robinson. Though both are Hall of Fame players and some of the best of their time, they couldn’t have been more different. Shaq was, well, kind of an asshole. That was his thing! He thrived on dominating everyone and everything in the name of entertainment, and he had the skills to back it up. Robinson, on the other hand, was a pretty solemn and quiet dude with no penchant for drama. So what did Shaq do to try and change that persona? He lied, of course!

The story goes that when Shaq was a high school player, he asked Robinson for an autograph and was rudely denied. This, obviously, would be extremely out of character for such a nice guy, and it gave Shaq some seemingly legitimate reason to be pissed off. As we’ve now fully confirmed, the whole thing was made up and only served as a way for Shaq to motivate himself. The timing of it didn’t even make sense, as Robinson would have still been in college when the supposed snub took place! Definitely not the most damaging rumor to spread, but still, why bring all that unnecessary conflict into the game?

Shaq publicly apologized for the rumor on an NBA Inside Stuff reunion on the NBA Twitter account. “David, I want to apologize for making up that rumor” he says before the rest of the call erupts in laughter. It’s good to know that the two don’t have any lasting bad blood and that everyone can look back on that era with fond memories. Shaq is and always will be an entertainer at heart, whether it be through demolishing people on the court or demolishing crowds on the DJ decks.

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