UCLA Bruins

Sep 26, 2015

2015 ESPN GameDay Signs: UCLA at Arizona

Last week, ESPN found themselves in a little bit of hot water because they showed a couple of signs that...

Dec 31, 2011

UCLA Cheerleaders Only Exciting Part Of Fight Hunger Bowl [PHOTOS]

Even the homeless who were fed probably didn't even have a good time watching the Kraft Fight Hunger Bowl between the UCLA Bruins and the Illinois Illini. The game was filled with absolutely no offense, terribly ran fake field goals, and apparently these three bros were the only ones who gave a shit. Thank God the UCLA cheerleaders were on the sideline looking good otherwise this game would have been a dumpster fire. The Illinois team did completely miss their coach with the Gatorade bath. JUMP!

Dec 2, 2011

Oregon Cheerleaders’ Legs Brave Cold December Air At Pac-12 Championship

Of course the only reason to watch last night's Pac-12 Championship was for the cheerleaders and to see how bad Oregon could destroy a horrible UCLA game. How did UCLA get into the Pac-12 Championship, you ask? That's what happens when USC has bowl eligibility stripped thanks to Reggie Bush. The shitty Bruins go by default. As for the cheerleaders, this'll be the last time you'll see the ladies in '11. Next stop - The Rose Bowl. JUMP!

Aug 17, 2011

Diddy At UCLA With Kevin Love, Baron Davis & Russell Westbrook

Three former UCLA Bruins -- Kevin Love, Russell Westbrook and Baron Davis -- have been attending classes this summer in an effort to complete their degrees. On Wednesday they were joined by music mogul and entrepreneur Diddy. No word on what class these clowns are taking, but you can be sure it isn't a class in the Molecular and Medical Pharmacology department.