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Feb 8, 2015

Cowboys Fan Gets Tony Romo Tattoo After Super Bowl Bet

  Abby Smithson says her husband is a Dallas Cowboys fan and he made a bet before the season that...

Jan 13, 2015

Tony Romo Crying With His Mom After Loss to Packers

  Remember the good ol’ days (years) when it was cool to dish out unwarranted blame on Tony Romo? Yep,...

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Jan 11, 2015

Aaron Rodgers And Tony Romo, Explained In Two Gifs

From a football standpoint, Aaron Rodgers and Tony Romo are very similar. Each threw for around 4,000 yards and 35-40...

Dec 29, 2014

Muddy Romo Fan, Sad Redskins Fans & A Billy Bob 69 Jersey

  Who’ll take Jameis? Tampa? Tennessee? Here’s the 2015 draft order. Does Jameis fall all the way to the Jets?...

Nov 20, 2014

Tony Romo & Wife Spent Bye Week On Group Getaway With Kate Bosworth & Friends

  If you thought Tony Romo was just going to sit around his house on his bye week and rest...

Aug 13, 2014

Tony Romo’s B-Cups

        I’m detecting B-cups putting pressure on that Under Armour shirt. Small B, but still a B....

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Jul 23, 2014

Actress Bar Paly Thinks Tony Romo Is A ‘Sports Legend’

    While everyone, including us, have been sweating Johnny Manziel doing his thing in Vegas, Houston, Boston, etc., a...

Ahh, That’s Why Tony Romo Wouldn’t Touch The Hooters Girls

  Now it all makes sense. Tony Romo didn’t have his arms around these Hooters girls over the weekend because...

Jul 14, 2014

Tony Romo’s ‘Love Sac’ Sells For $100 At Garage Sale

  The big news from Saturday’s Dallas Cowboys garage sale had to be that someone paid $100 for Tony Romo’s...

Jun 8, 2014

Titans Cheerleaders Still On Beach, Mike Vick Fan W/Pit Bull & Roll Tide Nuts

  Anybody still think the Thunder will win a game against the Spurs? That was a beautiful 35-point loss last...

May 22, 2014

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Apr 27, 2014

Birthday Girl Claims Tony Romo Helped Celebrate Her 21st

  Tony Romo turned 34 on Monday and seems to have carried his birthday partying into this weekend, according to...

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Apr 2, 2014

Tony Romo – Do You Ever Lift, Bro?

  Looking good, Tony. I’m not saying a quarterback needs to look like Laron Landry, but this is ridiculous from...

Mar 21, 2014

Tony Romo Rooting For Duke Wasn’t A Fluke

And here I thought Tony Romo showing up at Cameron Indoor a couple weeks ago for UNC-Duke was just a...

Feb 5, 2014

Cops Guard Tony Romo At Texas High School Basketball Game

  Remember a year ago when we showed you Tony Romo at an Anna, Texas high school basketball game and...

Jan 11, 2014

Spotted: Tony Romo At Dallas Irish Pubs Rehabbing Injured Back

And here we go again with Tony Romo. You might remember last weekend we showed you the Cowboys QB enjoying...

Jan 5, 2014

Tony Romo Spotted Enjoying Wild Card Saturday & A Cold Water

  Poor Tony Romo. There he was Saturday night at Dallas hotspot Victor Tangos (4-stars on Yelp) enjoying a night...

Jan 2, 2014

Tony Romo All Smiles At New Year’s Eve Party

So you thought Tony Romo would bypass a New Year’s Eve party and stay home to nurse his back after...

Dec 16, 2013

55 NSFW Black Guys Break Down Week 15 of the NFL

Jamaal Charles and Tony Romo dominated the Week 15 chatter for very different reasons. Charles scored five touchdowns as the...

Oct 8, 2013

D.C. Bar To Give Fans Free Shots For Every Romo INT This Week

Despite each team’s losing record, the Cowboys-Redskins rivalry will get the national TV treatment (again) on Sunday night. A DC...

Oct 6, 2013

40 NSFW Black Guys Pissed At Tony Romo’s Latest Choke Job

Tony Romo had a hell of a day on Sunday…until the final two minutes of the game. Sound familiar? Despite...

Apr 30, 2013

Tony Romo Manicure And Pedicure Day

I’m not an expert on the manicure and pedicure game so someone needs to help me on this one. Of...

Mar 29, 2013

27 Best NSFW Pissed Off Fans Blasting Tony Romo’s New Contract

Tony Romo this afternoon signed a new six-year, $108 million contract ($58 of which is guaranteed) and the response from...

Jan 23, 2013

Cops Guarded Tony Romo & His Wife Last Night At Texas H.S. Basketball Game

Tuesday is usually indoor soccer night for Tony Romo, so it came as a surprise to us to find him...

Jan 10, 2013

Tony Romo’s Indoor Soccer Season Has Started [PHOTOS]

And so it begins. Tony Romo’s indoor soccer season got started this week at American Indoor Soccer in Carrollton, Texas...

Oct 2, 2012

23 NSFW ‘F*** Tony Romo & His 5 Interceptions’ Tweets

Yep, Tony Romo has done it again...and by 'it' we mean throw five interceptions in a Monday Night Football game. With every interception last night Romo looked progressively worse and worse. It's amazing it took Jason Garrett that long to give Kyle Orton a shot. Really, that 4th interception wasn't enough? Romo has to get more hate than love in Cowboyland at this point. Judging by all the NSFW action on Twitter the guy's days are numbered. JUMP!

Sep 4, 2012

20 NSFW Tweets Ripping Romo For 2012 NFL Opener

It's here! It's here! Wednesday night the Cowboys take on the New York Giants to kick off the 2012 NFL season on NBC. Once again the media is all over the Cowboys and Tony Romo. Is this the last year we have to put up with Skip Bayless and the other talking heads giving Romo the benefit of the doubt? The guy can't win a big game...flat out can't do it. Of course Twitter users already knew that & have some special messages for the 2012 season. JUMP!

Mar 27, 2012

Things That Insult Packers Fan: Cowboys & Giants Opening 2012 Season

We thought it would be a good idea to let Packers fan bitch about the Cowboys and Giants opening the 2012 NFL season, a tradition that usually finds the past two Super Bowl champions facing each other. You know what gets a Packers fan pissed off? The Cowboys. A team that has one playoff victory in the Tony Romo era. Kinda gave Monty the floor on this one and let him go nuts. Remember, BC remains neutral & just wants to see you morons fight one another. JUMP!

Jan 1, 2012

Tony Romo Zonked On Vicodin During His Introduction [PHOTOS]

Sometimes the best part of Sunday Night Football are the terrible introductions. Well, Tony Romo of the Dallas Cowboys definitely popped some pills for that swollen hand before he did his introduction while also wearing his hat backwards in full douchebag fashion. Someone tell me how this guy got with Jessica Simpson. Victor Cruz of the New York Giants scored an insane touchdown where he danced to the 'Cha Cha' and NBC actually played music to it. JUMP!

Oct 25, 2011

Tony Romo’s Wife Candice Crawford Is Pregnant! [NFL Sperminators]

America's Couple are expecting their first child. That's right! Dallas Cowboys quarterback Tony Romo and beauty queen wife Candice Crawford have one in the oven. Romo let the news slip today and, of course, we are all over it. Is this going to be the best-looking most gifted child ever? You bet your sweet American dream-loving ass it is! The fairy tale is real, people! JUMP!