Tony Romo Still Wearing His Pizza Hut Hat


At this point I can’t figure out if Tony Romo is trolling us or he just really LOVES his Pizza Hut hat that he started wearing a couple years ago for commercials. I mean, I get it. Guys get to a certain age and they have a go-to hat, especially guys who have kids and we can’t grab a shower. Throw on the hat, grab the kids and catch SMU vs. Cincinnati.

That’s what Romo did Sunday. Didn’t shave (didn’t have time). Threw on a shirt (dad move). Threw the kids in the sled and got out of the house because everyone needed a break (been there). The good news is that SMU actually won with Romo in the stands.

I’m begging the next person to interview Romo to ask about the Pizza Hut hat. Is it the original? What’s so great about it? Does he prefer the no logo look so fans don’t crush him every five minutes for cursing a team?

I might have to reach out to Pizza Hut to get some answers on the Romo hat questions. It’s driving me crazy.


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