Tony Romo Mavericks Jerseys Sold Out in the First Quarter

via @jonmachota/Twitter
How do you sell out an April game between the lottery bound Nuggets and Mavericks? Easy! Just randomly make retired Tony Romo a “Maverick for a Day” to get all the Cowboys fans to come out in droves.

Seriously. Look at all these people who paid up just to take bad quality videos of Romo going one-on-one with goddamn Devin Harris:

After that, everyone apparently hit the Mavericks team store to clean out the Romo jerseys and shirseys:

According to Darren Rovell, Cuban won’t be capitalizing on this moneymaker any further, so you’ll have to hit eBay if you want a Romo NBA jersey:

Be prepared to pay double the retail price:

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