28 NSFWBDs React To Tony Romo Retiring & Joining CBS As Jim Nantz's New Booth Boyfriend

You would’ve thought the NFL was losing a hall of famer this morning when ESPN got its hands on the Tony Romo retirement news. I had to hear Max Kellerman’s thoughts on the news because Screamin’ A has been sick or something like that. Who the hell really cares what Max Kellerman thinks about Tony Romo’s career. Shame on you if you care about Max’s thoughts.
That’s why I go straight to the NSFWBDs. They cut through this shit and get right to the point. They say what you wish an analyst would say. You wish you could see this kind of reaction on ESPN. That’s why I keep saying that someone should come up with a real talk sports show on like Showtime or Facebook Live. Something.
What do the BDs think of Romo hanging it up? They think he’s getting way too much praise. (He is.) And some BDs think this is a smokescreen and he’s going to pull a Favre. (He’s not.) This guy is going to get real cozy working like three days a week for millions of CBS’s money.

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