Sep 7, 2016

The 22 Best NFL Tailgating Vehicles

Lots of money dropped here.

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Dec 27, 2015

A Season With Buffalo Bills Fans: Table Slams & Ski Shots — Week 16

It’s the second to last game at The Ralph for Bills fans this season and while their team isn’t going...

A Season With New York Giants Fans: Bathroom Fight, Santa Grind, & Lots Of Dabbing — Week 15

The Giants had an opportunity to end another team’s undefeated season (which they’ve been known to do) today, but it...

Dec 20, 2015

A Season With Green Bay Packers Fans: Shotski’s, St. Vince Lombardi, & Gorillas — Week Ten

MUCH better day today than the last time I covered the Packers. I think my theory from then might have...

Nov 15, 2015

A Season With Buffalo Bills Fans: Pinto Ron In Full Force & More WWE Moves — Week 9

Earlier this week, the website VinePair did a study and determined the drunkest fan base in the NFL. I’ll give...

Nov 8, 2015

Nov 7, 2015

Buy This Quality Eagles Tailgate RV/Motorhome — $15,900

We put these tailgate RV’s up all the time, and most of them are pretty nice and just perfect to...

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Oct 18, 2015

A Season With Buffalo Bills Fans: The Joker and Bane, Make Outs, & Pumpkin Doug Flutie — Week Six

It snowed this morning in Buffalo. Yeah, that’s right. It’s October 18th and Bills fans got their first snowy tailgate...

Oct 18, 2015

Buy This Green Bay Packers Tailgate Bus — $9,500

Last weekend I said I was a little disappointed in the Green Bay tailgating festivities. I was expecting it to...

Sep 3, 2015

Kick Off Your Tailgating With Great Captain Morgan & Crown Royal Drinks

Mix a drink, sit back and enjoy football tonight. You deserve it.

Aug 28, 2015

25 Best College Football Tailgating Vehicles

The elite college tailgating vehicles.

Dec 9, 2014

Buy Eagles Tailgating Bus For The Playoffs — $4,000 OBO

  The Eagles, pending a collapse against the Cowboys, will be playing a home playoff game. You’ve been waiting years...

Dec 8, 2014

49ers Chick Dominates Raiders Mannequin Bong

It wouldn’t be an Oakland Raiders tailgate without some hardcore mannequin beer bonging. While some may find the pregame ritual...

Dec 1, 2014

Bills Fan Has Browns Mannequin Bong Party Foul

    I’ve already mentioned how Browns fans unleashed a mannequin bong at Sunday’s Bills tailgate. Being the friendly bunch...

Dec 1, 2014

Best Of NFL Tailgating Fans — Week 13

Week 13 of the NFL season is just about in the books—Aaron Rodgers shined, the Falcons remain the most hilarious...

Nov 14, 2014

Woman Takes Dolphins Tailgate Next Level, Works Stripper Pole [VIDEO]

The Miami Dolphins defeated the Buffalo Bills 22-9 on Thursday night, but the real action was off the field. We...

Oct 22, 2014

Buy A Bengals Party Bus — $25,000 Buy It Now

Here’s my favorite Bengals joke. “What’s the difference between Andy Dalton and a dollar bill? You get 4 quarters from...

Aug 8, 2014

My New Favorite Chiefs Creeper Van — The Arrowhead Assault Vehicle

  The guys behind the Arrowhead Assault Vehicle debuted changes they made over the offseason at Thursday night’s Bengals-Chiefs game....

Jul 24, 2014

Browns Fan Creates Failed Browns QB Battle Shots Game

  BC reader @Aray6444 sent this beast over earlier tonight. That’s right, it’s the official Cleveland Browns failed quarterbacks Battle...

Oct 4, 2013

Buy This Pimped Out 1975 Airstream Texans Trailer For $125,000

Game over. I’ve now seen the coolest tailgating Airstream in the NFL tailgating game. Bonus: you can actually buy this...

Aug 13, 2013

Have $5k Laying Around? Buy This Tailgating Trailer With Hot Tub

  I’ve seen plenty of tailgating ride porn over the last six years since I started Busted Coverage. I’ve documented...

May 14, 2013

Buy The Insane Sports Bar Bus For Only $25,000; Holds 28-34 Fans! [PHOTOS]

Have you ever dreamed of cruising to an Eagles game in a sports themed party bus that will leave tailgating...

Jul 30, 2010

Football ’10 Fan Training Camp: The Two Stripper Pole Iowa Hawkeyes Tailgating Chick Magnet

Welcome to our new feature here at Busted Coverage where we will prepare football fans for the upcoming season with...