Buy Your Very Own Budweiser Beer Truck Off Some Guy In Kentucky

Gotta be honest here, didn’t know you could actually buy a Budweiser beer truck and drive it around town like an ordinary truck without even distributing beer out of it. I’m used to seeing delivery trucks with the branding half-ass painted over or with the logos ripped off in some fashion.
Turns out in Kentucky you can buy this 1990 Budweiser beer truck for what sounds like a reasonable $3,900.

For Sale OR VERY INTERESTING TRADE is my 1990 GMC 7000 Budweiser beer beverage truck. Truck was in a very small three truck fleet in the Henderson Kentucky area. It was recently retired and replaced with a new diesel truck. Truck is very clean, great tires, great brakes, I drove it from Henderson to Elizabethtown with no issues. Clear title. When it was not on the route, it was in the garage. Paint and graphics are in exceptional condition. Truck is a 366 V8 gas engine with a five speed transmission, two speed rear end. Truck has 79,000 miles. Runs great. 55-60 miles an hour is top speed. This would be an awesome truck for the tailgating enthusiast, flea market or, garage sale aficionado, just pull up, roll up, and fill up. Take it to the flea market and repeat the procedure, pull up, roll up, and start selling. Each side has 5 compartments, each compartment has a flip down shelf essentially dividing the compartment into top and bottom half. Who wouldn’t want their own Budweiser beer truck?!
I am willing to trade on similar high-quality, low mile, vehicles. No boats, no motorcycles, no guns. (I am not anti-gun, I just don’t know enough about them in order to trade intelligently.) Vehicle trades are welcome. Potential trades need to be valued in the mid $5000 range.
Please feel free to text and please check out other ads as my automotive hoarderitis disease is getting pretty bad!!!

Think of all the possibilities with this thing. Think of the attention this thing is bringing to your tailgate. Think of how you can use the bays for kegs, gear, maybe even a bathroom.
Or just drive this thing up to a tailgate and watch the party start before your eyes.
My mind is racing at the thoughts with this one. Wouldn’t touch a thing on it. Maybe have it tuned up, prepped for a college football season. And then it’s go time.

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