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BC Review: House Of Marley Chant Sport Bluetooth Speaker — It Held Up Just Fine In Bristol


The product:

House of Marley Chant Sport Bluetooth Speaker

What is it? 

It’s a 4.5 watt House of Marley water-resistant bluetooth speaker that will push sound 360-degrees to all different directions at your party or tailgate. We tested the Chant Sport last week at the BC Battle at Bristol tailgate to see what kind of sound and how much sound the speaker could provide in a loud environment. Hanging by the provided carabineer clip (see above), the Chant Sport held its own against the rowdy environment.

Made of recycled blended bio-plastic, silicone and recyclable aluminum housings, the Chant is rated for water protection up to 1m. We didn’t test the speaker in water, but this bad boy will be going on a canoeing trip very soon.

Other items to keep in mind with the Chant Sport

  1. Shaped liked a water bottle to easily fit a water bottle cage or average cup holder
  2. Doubles as a hands-free speakerphone

Yeah, but do I really need it?

Do you hate carrying around some huge speaker system to your tailgate and you just want to play some music? Have you graduated away from the massive speaker setup for your bros? Chant Sport will handle the job. We turned on the Chant, clipped it to the tent and not once did we hear complaining from the party. The 360-degree directional sound helps a ton. Partygoers will hear the music and be able to have a conversation. I plan on hanging this speaker from my patio umbrella during gatherings where we don’t want to overwhelm people with music.


Will chicks dig it?

We didn’t have any complaining that’s for sure. They’ll like that you’re not acting like a giant d-bag with massive speakers. They’ll think you’ve grown up a bit even if your beer choice is still suspect. Plus, let’s say she drops a beer on it. There’s a good chance it’ll still play since it’s water resistant. No arguments, all is good.

Easy to use?

Find it on your Bluetooth settings, connect just like every other Bluetooth speaker you’ve used. Sound up/sound down. Bluetooth connect button and an ON/OFF button. Go.


The House of Marley keeps producing quality speakers. We’ve been testing a Marley Get Up Stand Up and these speakers just keep doing the job. The Chant Sport, with the 360-degree sound distribution, gets the job done in a variety of situations including the tailgate where you want to be able to hear other people. Take it in the canoe. Hang it on your patio umbrella. Take it to the beach. It’s versatile, powerful for its size and seems ready to play for many more tailgates.



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