Buy A Custom Seahawks Camper

Ever been stuck on the road to San Francisco for a Seahawks game and can’t find a hotel room in northern California? Ever wanted to just pull off on the way to Arizona for a big Seahawks-Cardinals game, but you don’t want to drop the $100 on some dive hotel in the middle of nowhere? Here’s a solution for you Seahawks fans — the Seahawks custom camper trailer that is light and offers some serious creature comforts such as a nice mattress and a 2-burner stove!

That’s right, you can get up, grab some eggs out of the cooler and fire up breakfast and be back in bed to watch shows on your iPad. Get hammered at a road game & can’t make it home? Just slide on in there and sober up. And it looks like you can pull this one behind your basic SUV.

From the seller:

This is a cool little camper trailer that was built by a guy in Buckley. Once I saw it i knew i had to buy it. However, we are now looking for something a little larger.

The trailer is very well built. Has two large cabinets inside for storage. The bed size is 45 X 75.

CO2 sensor
Smoke Detector
2 burner stove
deep cycle battery for power
Completely wired for electricity
comes with leveling jacks
2″ receiver
lights on the inside
2 large doors, one on each side
wood panel walls on the interior

Take a look at the photos, this would be a really cool summer camper trailer or even a good tailgating trailer. Quite literally anything can tow this thing. Its extremely light. There isn’t anything wrong with this trailer, I just need something a little bigger.

The seller is looking for $3,500. That might be a little too rich for some of you guys. I know what you’re thinking — for $3,500 I should be able to get something that has a toilet. And you’re right. We’ve seen some very nice tailgating trailers lately that feature the trusty toilet that can be life changing.

This one is very expensive, but you could find a smaller version of this:

Bill Belichick Looking Good In Alabama Gear
Bill Belichick Looking Good In Alabama Gear
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