South Carolina

Jul 20, 2020

Kanye West Breaks Down at South Carolina Political Rally

bbcnews | View On Instagram Kanye West held his first political rally on July 19 at the Exquis Event Center in Charleston, South Carolina and it went just about as well as expected. The eccentric rapper and entrepreneur first announced...

Meet Nina Rose Marcaccio- Instagram Fisherman

This is my first contribution to the IG fisherman series. I’m sure Nina is incredibly honored to hold that distinction. I think she should put “Subject of Blakey Locks’ First IG Fisherman Blog” in her Instagram bio, but maybe that’s...

Oct 12, 2018

21 NSFWBDs React To Hurricane Florence Forecast

The weather analysis you've been waiting for.

Sep 12, 2018


Mar 26, 2017

Meet Emmy Carlton — Girlfriend of South Carolina's Maik Kotsar

South Carolina’s Maik Kotsar has fouled out of his team’s last two games, but that hasn’t stopped the Gamecocks from running right through favorites Duke and Baylor en route to an unlikely Elite 8 appearance. Will Kotsar be able to...