Police Arrest Taylor Nealey For Knocking Out Bouncer With Kick At Folly Gras

via Charleston County Detention Center

As you might’ve expected, things got LIT AF at the Folly Gras bash on Folly Beach, South Carolina over the weekend where drunken partiers went nuts and at least one bouncer — on video — got knocked TF out and police say Taylor Renee Nealey is the woman who kicked the bouncer.

Folly Beach fuzz reports there were 22 arrests Saturday and there’s a good chance the bash will be canceled because of the drunken behavior exhibited over the weekend.

From WCIV:

The woman seen kicking a bouncer in the face in a video widely distributed on social media from a Folly Gras event on Saturday has been arrested, according to Folly Beach Police Chief Andrew Gilreath.

Taylor Renee Nealey, 22, turned herself in on Tuesday, according to Gilreath.

“We contacted her and let her know of the warrant she turned her self in this morning,” said Chief Gilreath.

Nealey is charged with second degree assault and battery. She was released six hours later after posting a $10,000 bond.

It sounds like things grew to the point where Folly Beach couldn’t handle any more drunken idiots who wanted to get loaded and fight. Sorta sounds like what Put In Bay on Lake Erie went through with Christmas in July, minus the fights. Here we go with yet another tradition down the drain. From Holy City Sinner:

According to FAB, Folly Gras 2019 drew more than 11,000 people, which was the event’s largest crowd ever. The organization says several “party buses” loaded with people arrived at this year’s event and security refused entry to people who were already intoxicated. FAB said they’ve increased security and “reworked logistics to address crowd control issues” over the past few years, but the efforts weren’t enough to prevent the aforementioned incidents.


Here’s another from the Folly Gras fight collection:

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