How Many Beers: Myrtle Beach Meth Chick


Someone tweeted at me yesterday wanting to revive “How Many Beers,” one of the old games we’d play late in the work day when the office workers that follow BC are just trying to survive the final hour before heading home. It’s ironic that someone would ask me that on the day when Tiffany Dawn Evans was arrested in a Myrtle Beach prostitution bust. That’s Tiff, the zombie above.

From WBTW:

According to the MBPD website, 11 people were arrested in area off South Kings Highway and along South Yaupon Drive.

All of the people listed below were arrested on prostitution charges and some had other charges filed against them that were drug-related.


Tiffany Dawn Evans – 30

I checked the Myrtle Beach arrest logs and Tiffany was booked on prostitution charges which brings me to the question of the night: How many beers?

Your ass has to be blacked out to not realize you’re about to get oral at the very least from a zombie. Maybe a whole bottle of Everclear and pray your buddies don’t take pics.

Hey Tiff, it’s time to save your life, girl. It’s not headed in the right direction.

July 23, 2015: