21 NSFWBDs React To Hurricane Florence Forecast

The BC loyalists know that I love when hurricane coverage makes it to the NSFWBD community because nobody does hurricane humor like the BDs. It’s uncanny. Some of the stuff the BDs come up with will make me laugh for weeks and the Hurricane Florence material is Grade A. White people are busy tweeting about evacuating and freaking out in their not-remotely-funny manner while the BDs are just chillin’ and dropping incredible one liners.

People have asked me over the years why I post the BDs. This Hurricane Florence situation is why. The BDs can take a serious situation where state officials are freaking out and turn it into a Def Comedy Jam via like 145 characters.

The key to the BDs and these storms is to get an initial reaction post up on BC and then get one once the storm hits and they see the weather guys like Jim Cantore getting tossed around. Then the BDs crank up again with the play-by-play. I’ll laugh my ass off for 3-4 days over their material.

Of course someone will say I’m a loser because I’m laughing about a life and death situation. Folks, if you sit here and raise your blood pressure 6 out of 7 days a week you’re going to die young and miserable. I prefer to laugh a little bit, drink alcohol and maybe die young. At least I’ll be happy while you’re miserable.

This is a legit graphic from the National Weather Service regarding #HurricaneFlorence . Try not to laugh. 🍆 pic.twitter.com/x1mctU5DOu

— Matt Pfeffer (@PfefferFeff) September 12, 2018