May 14, 2016

This Phillies Fan Got A Little Frisky In The Stands Last Night

Sometimes baseball can get a little boring, I think we can all agree on that. So sometimes you need to...

Dec 20, 2015

A Season With New York Giants Fans: Bathroom Fight, Santa Grind, & Lots Of Dabbing — Week 15

The Giants had an opportunity to end another team’s undefeated season (which they’ve been known to do) today, but it...

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Dec 6, 2015

A Season With Buffalo Bills Fans: Body Slams, An Elf, And More Body Slams

Bills fans never cease to amaze me. We’ve covered the tailgates from every Bills home game this season and it...

Nov 29, 2015

A Season With Cincinnati Bengals Fans: Bengals Beard, Beer Pong, And Tailgate Buses

The Bengals Are still sitting pretty atop the AFC North even after losing the last two games before today. Andy...

Nov 15, 2015

A Season With Green Bay Packers Fans: Shotski’s, St. Vince Lombardi, & Gorillas — Week Ten

MUCH better day today than the last time I covered the Packers. I think my theory from then might have...

Nov 8, 2015

A Season With Buffalo Bills Fans: Pinto Ron In Full Force & More WWE Moves — Week 9

Earlier this week, the website VinePair did a study and determined the drunkest fan base in the NFL. I’ll give...

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Nov 1, 2015

A Season With Chicago Bears Fans: Lots And Lots Of Ditkas — Week 8

Seeing as Halloween was yesterday, you knew Bears fans were going to be tailgating this morning in their best Mike...

A Season With Miami Dolphins Fans: Giant Dan Campbell, Big Head Marino, & Breast Cancer Gorillas — Week 7

Miami fans actually have something to cheer about today, because the Dolphins played basically the exact opposite of how the...

Oct 25, 2015

A Season With Buffalo Bills Fans: The Joker and Bane, Make Outs, & Pumpkin Doug Flutie — Week Six

It snowed this morning in Buffalo. Yeah, that’s right. It’s October 18th and Bills fans got their first snowy tailgate...

Oct 18, 2015

A Season With Green Bay Packers Fans: St. Vince Lombardi & Dead Marshall Faulk — Week 5

I’ll say I was a little disappointed in the Green Bay tailgate scene this morning. For a fan base who...

Oct 11, 2015

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Oct 4, 2015

A Season With Buffalo Bills Fans: #BillsMafia Proposal, Dead Eli, & Lots Of Drinking — Week 4

Ahhh #BillsMafia, my favorite team to cover, it’s good to be back. By far the best tailgating fan base there...

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Sep 28, 2015

A Season With Dallas Cowboys Fans: Twerking, Dead Michael Vick Dummy, Jermaine Dupri — Week 3

Let’s just say #CowboysNation isn’t exactly #BillsMafia when it comes to pregame shenanigans. Cowboys fans gave me nothing to work...

Sep 27, 2015

Hot Dolphins Fan Gives The Double Bird To The Bills After A TD

I guess Warren Buffet isn’t good luck, because #BillsMafia came to town and kicked the shit out of the Dolphins....

Sep 20, 2015

A Season With Buffalo Bills Fans: Burning Brady Jersey, Bat Bill, & More Puking — Week Two

I think Vegas might have jumped the gun a little this week having the Bills line set at -1 today....

Sep 14, 2015

A Season With Chicago Bears Fans: Fake Mike Ditka, Cheese Grater Hats, Jalepeno Poppers Jersey – Week One

I wish I could tell you that the Bears fans were just as wild as the Bills fans this weekend,...

Jan 20, 2013

Boston Dunkin Donuts Worker Writes ‘FU’ On Ravens’ Fan’s Iced Latte? (UPDATE: Nope.)

The Baltimore Ravens take on the New England Patriots in the AFC Championship later today in Foxborough, Mass. Some Ravens’...

Mar 18, 2009

Phillies Are Trying to Start a 'No Booing the Team' Pledge-Thingy

The beauty of Philadelphia fans is that they don’t really give an ish about people stereotyping them for booing. That’s...

Mar 17, 2009

Phil Mickelson's 'Fans' 'Cheer' for Him [Video]

Phil Mickelson is one of the more popular players on the PGA Tour. Normally, people scream things like “YEEEEEAAAAAH, PHIIIIIIIL!”...