A Season With Cincinnati Bengals Fans: Bengals Beard, Beer Pong, And Tailgate Buses

The Bengals Are still sitting pretty atop the AFC North even after losing the last two games before today. Andy Dalton had them rolling today against a good St. Louis defense to get them back on track and at 9-2. They’re all but guaranteed a playoff spot at this point so we’ll see if Andy can get past his bad performances of the past this year come January.
Bengals fans are very loyal and have great tailgates, but I don’t think they know how to use social media. Pretty disappointing that we didn’t really get any good videos or pictures from today’s game. Maybe some will appear later. I expect better out of Who Dey Nation. I know they can bring it if they want to.
Anyways, here are the best Bengal fan pictures from the the tailgate and game today.

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