A Season With Buffalo Bills Fans: #BillsMafia Proposal, Dead Eli, & Lots Of Drinking — Week 4



Ahhh #BillsMafia, my favorite team to cover, it’s good to be back. By far the best tailgating fan base there is. The only fan base where proposing to your girlfriend while hammered at the tailgate in the morning is the most romantic place possible. We had a couple get engaged this morning, a dead Eli skeleton, Bat Bill was back again, and people were drinking copious amounts of alcohol as per usual. Also, apparently ‘Icing’ is still a thing in Buffalo, gotta love #BillsMafia still living life like it’s 2010.

We had dudes getting spanked by giant wooden sticks.

A nice little middle finger for the Giants after a TD.

And Bat Bill cruising through the tailgate.

Basically, your average Sunday at the Ralph.


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