A Season With Buffalo Bills Fans: Body Slams, An Elf, And More Body Slams

Bills fans never cease to amaze me. We’ve covered the tailgates from every Bills home game this season and it just seems that week by week they get better and better. Week one there was lots of drinking and shenanigans, but we’re about three quarters of the way through the season and #BillsMafia has really hit their groove. The colder it gets the drunker and crazier they get, and this week was nuts.
The body slams through tables were probably the best they’ve been all year.





This dude got ambushed with beer.


And even BatBill was getting in on the funnel action.

All around great day from #BillsMafia

Shank Found in Aaron Hernandez’s Prison Cell
Shank Found in Aaron Hernandez’s Prison Cell
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