Tom Herman Flipping Double Middle Fingers On Longhorn Network

Tom Herman middle fingers on Longhorn Network / via Twitter

Tom Herman went double middle fingers to the Longhorn Network camera capturing the war room scene inside the Texas Longhorns football facility as National Signing Day was rolling along this morning. Why is Tom Herman flipping off the Longhorn Network camera? Good question. I’m sure he’s just having fun with the guys back in the studio.

There’s definitely going to be a debate out there in the social media world: Tom Herman is an immature fool vs. Quit being offended by everything. Draw your battle lines in the sand right now.

Look, Tom — and even his wife — can’t seem to go very long without something popping up that creates controversy. Tom’s about as petty as it comes and if you like that kind of thing, this is just another one of those instances that you’re going to go to war for your guy. If you like Tom Herman arguing with sports radio hosts, of course you’re going to love the double birds.

Get your pitchforks out, battle it out on social media and go to war out there today people.

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