Tom Herman Spends 22 Minutes Arguing With Houston Sports Radio Hosts Over Report



Tom Herman, who is best known as a member of Mensa and the head coach at Houston, went on 610 AM Houston this morning and got himself into a 22 minute argument with talk show hosts Nick Wright and John Lopez, who had a long career as a reporter and columnist for the Houston Chronicle.

Herman was furious over a short story posted by Lopez on 610’s website that claimed Herman had met in December with Texas A&M quarterback transfer Kyle Allen to explore opportunities with the program. Herman, on Tuesday, released a statement saying that him meeting with Allen was completely inaccurate. It seems the word “met” is Herman’s sticking point since there could be NCAA heat associated with any such contact between him and a transfer.

As if this isn’t enough, there’s Houston media in-fighting between Wright and Houston Cougars beat writer @Joseph_Duarte. The two have been going back and forth all week.

Add it all up and Mensa Tom was on the attack today. Here we go.

That’s Allen’s mom all worried and Allen saying he was never in Houston. So there was a phone call.


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