Vince Young’s Trophies Show Up For Sale On eBay

Vince Young Rose Bowl MVP trophy on eBay

Trophies awarded to Vince Young during his college career popped up on eBay this week including the Rose Bowl MVP trophy he won in 2006 after beating USC 41-38 to win the BCS National Championship. The seller, according to Hook ‘, says the awards were acquired through two storage auction units that once belonged to Young, but were sold at auction. One thing led to another and the trophies popped up with astronomical Buy It Now prices.

Then, just as people were getting a chance to look at the listings, they were yanked. Young’s game helmet from the Rose Bowl was also for sale with a $100,000 Buy It Now price.

From Hook

Several trophies and other sports memorabilia belonging to former University of Texas star Vince Young are now on eBay. An anonymous seller says they bought the contents of two storage units that previously belonged to Young at a semi-blind auction in Houston.

“We’ve acquired 2 storage units formally [sic] belonging to the award winning, record breaking, newly inducted into the college football hall of fame, Football Star Vince Young,” the seller says in a post selling Young’s 2006 Rose Bowl trophy for offensive MVP. The “buy it now” price: $50,000.

TMZ reported over the weekend that the lady running the eBay listings was willing to sell the memorabilia back to Vince. Here’s where I step in and hope and pray that someone paid this lady a huge chunk of cash for any and all of these items, especially that helmet with the $100k asking price. I need all college title game memorabilia to go for huge money because I’m still sitting on those Cam Newton BCS championship game pants — that have been autographed and verified by Cam himself as I stood next to him.

I know what you’re thinking….’It’s Cam Newton, NOBODY CARES.’ I’ve heard it since the day I bought those pants. Always some loud mouth white guy out there who thinks he’s the smartest guy in the room who knows what this kind of stuff is worth and YOU MADE A HORRIBLE PURCHASE. 

All I know is there’s one pair of Cam Newton BCS title game-used pants and the top of the jersey is sitting in the Cam Newton Heisman display at Auburn. 100% confirmed there’s an Auburn fan out there who is willing to blow some bank on these pants. Name a more important Auburn sports artifact out there that can be purchased.

But this is where I need someone to come in and raise the college memorabilia prices. Raise the ceiling. Buy a Vince Young helmet for a shittload & help me raise my asking price.

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