Tom Herman’s Wife Michelle Put In Twitter Jail

Tom Herman’s wife, Michelle, has been going nuts this week defending her husband and Texas, but she took it too far this week when she posted a video featuring a phone number and was sent to Twitter jail for her actions. Twitter said Michelle had gone too far.

“Twitter wants to protect the privacy of the the racist, so they asked me to remove the tweet that showed one of the numbers. Before the game, someone from LSU’s side leaked our coaches and players’ numbers and we were harassed all weekend. Our coaches have since changed their numbers. My family and I (sis, bro & SIL) thought it would be funny to answer Tom’s calls in Spanish to throw them off,” Michelle wrote on Twitter.

Those of you who are new to the Internet might not know that it’s tradition for LSU students to get their hands on opposing players and coach telephone numbers. It’s been going on for years. I think AJ McCarron went through this several years ago. Michelle and Tom are just the latest to get the LSU treatment.

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