Patriots Fan Thought He Could Leave His Car Parked In Downtown Philly…It Obviously Got Destroyed By Eagles Fans

If you’re a Patriots fan, what are you doing anywhere close to the city of Philadelphia right now? Maybe you have a job or a family to take care of? Doesn’t matter. You should’ve been out of town by around 10:45 PM last Sunday night. You’re the enemy in that war zone and staying within those city limits is only asking for trouble (or damage to your property).

We’re not even a week removed from the Super Bowl and if you thought things would’ve died down by now in Philly with the parade concluded, you’re sorely mistaken. This Patriots fan, who kept the Pats logos on his car while Eagles fans were burning down the city for the past six days, learned the hard way this weekend. He thought he could stroll through downtown Philly with no regard for what just happened. Thought he could drive right up to an LA Fitness and park his car without any repercussions. He was wrong.

In any other scenario, we’re all calling these Eagles fans giant dicks who ruined some innocent man’s vehicle. But this is a time where the blame needs to be put on the Pats fan. Has he not been on the internet this week? Did he not see the Eagles fans literally eating horse shit and breaking awnings? This one is on you. Drive a different car or take the stickers off. It’s that easy.

Eagles fans are undefeated vs cars

Eagles fans flip over a car in Philly streets after the city's exciting win… imagine what would've happened if they didn't win the Super Bowl.

— News 5 Cleveland (@WEWS) February 5, 2018

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